Stylish Wash Basin – Full Pedestal Vs Half Pedestal

One of the most relaxing spaces in the house is the bathroom. They provide a much-needed chance to relax and take a soothing bath. One of the most essential and conveniently ignored bathroom necessities is a wash basin. Without a useful, long-lasting, and aesthetically appealing washbasin, a bathroom isn’t complete. A Stylish Wash Basin enhances the theme and design of the other bathroom fixtures and decorations, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Even though washbasins are a relatively unimportant aspect of the home, the wrong one can ruin the ambiance. These days, there are hundreds of different washbasin options available, making the decision-making process much more challenging. Everything depends on where it will be placed, what use it will serve, the people who will use the sink, their personalities, and, most importantly, what you are searching for. It is unrealistic to think that expertise and skill are needed to choose the proper kind of washbasins. If you remember the fundamentals, the procedure is actually very easy. Here are a few of the several washbasin designs that are available:


The wash basin is supported by the pedestal. Stylish wash basins with pedestals can be purchased separately or as a set that comprises the pedestal and a detachable basin. The variant with the sink and pedestal combined is an option for those who like a designer basin. This aesthetic uses appealing, modern themes and ideas. The most common option for powder rooms and guest bathrooms with limited space is pedestal washbasins. They might give the impression of a larger area due to their distinctive sleekness, which increases user attractiveness.


Another common kind of basin that is mounted to the wall with a pedestal to hide the plumbing is the half pedestal basin. These sinks are perfect for small bathrooms since they give the impression of extra space, much like a wall-hung toilet. By eliminating the conventional pedestal form and creating additional floor space below, these basins maximize the available area. You may utilize the underside for storage or just leave it clear to create the illusion of more room. The most effective use is intended to be provided by half pedestal wall-hung washbasins.


The first step in choosing the appropriate kind of stylish wash basin understands the user’s demands and requirements, and we at BATHLINE INDIA can assist you with that. You can choose the ideal washbasin that not only works well but also improves the aesthetics of your bathroom with ease if you have a clear goal in mind.


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