Innovative Ways to Use Tiles Design in 2022 for New Contemporary Design

Consider upgrading the interior of your home by using something that is already present in your kitchen and bathroom as your kitchen backsplash and bathroom floors. The game of house interior design will advance with the addition of Terrazzo Textures Tiles Design. Tiles are required by forthcoming interior design trends for homes in areas other than the typical places like the kitchen and bathroom. It is a straightforward yet stylish component that blends in seamlessly and looks good next to other parts of the house.


ENTRANCE: Because it is the first thing you see when you enter a home, an entrance is the perfect spot to employ design to make a big visual impact. Even while we love hardwood, a foyer floor covered in a bold tile design looks much cozier, more distinctive, and more attractive. To add a graphic twist to the conventional color scheme, use numerous black and white colored tiles, or cover a small area with a colorful option. The best floor tiles are available from AGL in a variety of patterns, hues, and styles.

LAUNDRY AREA: Your safe haven to play around with the interior is the laundry room. You spend practically half your day gathering the laundry, washing it well, letting it dry, and folding it so that it can be put back into the cabinet. If neutrals or strong colors are your go-to hues, consider using a backsplash tile to give your room more personality. You’ll still be smiling the next time you’re folding the eighth pile of laundry and doing your laundry.

FIREPLACE/ LIVING ROOM: The living room or fire space is the primary space or the focal point of any room. Since this area draws the bulk of the focus, the interior design must be flawlessly aesthetically pleasing. Consider using a monochrome or poppy pattern. It should have minimal surrounding furniture so that the tiled area can be the focal point.

WORKING SPACE: More than ever, working from home is an option for you. Since the epidemic hit, working from home has gained popularity among corporate employees. Therefore, why not take it to a completely new level if you were to set up your workstation at home? A colorful floor tile will add more inspiration to this area. The workplace is very important. Create a colorful workspace that motivates you to work.

COCKTAIL /MOCKTAIL LOUNGE: One of a home’s most intriguing features is without a doubt this. Tiling can make pouring coffee or other beverages look aesthetically pleasing. Here is where you may go all out with a bright metallic or a daring pattern, and then stay put and splurges on that stylish section.


As you now know and comprehend, you have access to a variety of tile designs. The Indian style of tile design has a specific function. Numerous types are available for use. Despite the fact that some are inexpensive, easy to install, and allow for modification and personalization, not all can assist you in reaching your objectives. You must therefore be familiar with the aesthetic and style that these tiles produce.


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