Which Faucet To Choose According To Your Bathroom Sink

Which Faucet To Choose According To Your Bathroom Sink

The sink is more inviting in modern bathrooms to bring more class and elegance. However, in order for the bathroom sink to fulfil its role, the choice of basin taps should not be made lightly. We bring you some tips for choosing your basin mixer efficiently.

Consider the size of the basin

Before choosing a basin faucet, consider the width, height and depth of the basin. The standard width for a bathroom sink varies from 60 cm to 90 cm. This criterion is very important when choosing a basin mixer to prevent the risk of splashing.

In general, the distance between the spout and the rim of the bathroom sink should not be less than 5 cm. The same principle is to be applied with regard to the depth of the basin. If the depth is for example 15 cm, the spout should be 20 cm or more.

We can distinguish four types of stylish wash basin tap according to the height of the basin: high tap, medium height tap, low tap and the wall mounted basin tap.

The high tap

This is the tap to choose for a high countertop washbasin. The basin faucet is generally installed on the countertop of the basin.

The faucet at medium height

This type of basin mixer must adapt without problem to built-in basins. Whether it is a low basin or a classic washbasin, this type of faucet is suitable. The low tap is also suitable for a built-in basin. It is especially preferred by those looking for more discretion. Read More: What Colour To Choose For The Bathroom How To Give Your Bathroom The Right Makeover

The wall-mounted faucet

With a wall-mounted faucet, you can choose the height that suits you. However, the depth of the basin must be taken into account in order to prevent splashing. Installing a wall-mounted faucet also requires some extra work.

The style and finish of the faucet

The shape of the beak

The spout plays an essential role in the design of a basin faucet. You can choose it according to the style you want to bring to the bathroom: classic, vintage, modern, contemporary.


For a more classic style, we generally prefer this faucet, in other words, the spout and the body of the basin tap form an inseparable element.

If the basin is deeper, the gooseneck-shaped spout is more suitable, as the spout practically plunges into the basin. This prevents splashing and provides more comfort.

We particularly draw your attention to the waterfall bathroom faucet whose spout adopts the shape of a tray. This offers a better feeling with optimal cleaning given the high flow delivered. It must only be recognized that it is quite bulky and requires more space.

The tap finishes

You have a wide choice in the market. It all depends on your taste and the look you want to bring to the bathroom. By opting for the metal basin mixer, you can benefit from many finishes: chrome, shiny, polished, mat, brushed or black.

The matte finish is the best option to bring more elegance to the bathroom. In addition, this finish makes the maintenance of the faucet easier. The black finish rhymes more with modernity.

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