One of the best among the black urinal accessories! The sensor urinal

When it comes to your restrooms, a lot has changed with the introduction of modern technologies. Sensor urinals, often known as auto-flush urinals, are a function that comes as black urinal accessories. It consists of an infrared sensor that detects when someone is standing in front of the urinal and has moved away, at which point the flush system is activated. They’re more likely to be found in businesses and public restrooms. We’ll go through the features that make it worthwhile, as well as the advantages it has over other accessories, in the sections below.

The Purpose It Serves

The Sensor Urinal is a new technology with several benefits that everyone should have in their restroom to avoid germs, bacteria, and diseases, maintain good hygiene and cleanliness, and save water. When it comes to black urinal accessories, the sensor urinal is arguably the most popular these days. Bathline India provides the highest-quality, high-end accessories. Please take a look at our extensive selection today.

The benefits of sensor urinal installation

Let’s have a look at some of the advantages it provides to the buyer:-

  • Cleanliness and sanitation: Using a sensor urinal ensures that everything is cleaned properly and efficiently without the need for human intervention. Even if a person forgets to flush at any point, the auto-flushing feature will take care of it.
  • Long lifespan: Because it’s hands-free, there’s less wear and tear and no mishandling, so there’s less risk of damage. Sensor urinals last longer as a result of this.
  • Water conservation: The fundamental benefit of sensor urinals is that they are responsive to movement and flush only when necessary, resulting in less water waste. There will always be a time delay between each flush, so the user will not be able to flush repeatedly.
  • Simple to operate: These units are simple to operate for the elderly and young children since they flush the waste material away, maintaining hygiene, as opposed to standard flush systems, which often flush insufficiently. The autoflush option is a boon to users of any age or height who are concerned about not being able to reach the flush button or forgetting to flush.


The sensor, once again, is indeed the finest among black urinal accessories for bringing bathroom space to the next level and giving it a high-end luxury feel at an affordable price. Today, visit our store page and select from a large selection.

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