Two Most Essential Black Urinal Accessories to Buy for you Bathroom

black urinal accessories

Whether you’re building toilets for employees in an office, warehouse, or factory, or for the general public in a café, restaurant, school, leisure center, community hall, or bar, black urinal accessories are a great way to save space while increasing the number of toilets available. We’ll explain why they’re an excellent pick, what to look for when buying, and which extras you might need in this shopping guide. 

What Urinal Supplies Do I Require?

Only two black urinal accessories are necessary and worthwhile to mention.

Waste and trap in the urinal

Your urinal will require a waste and trap, much like a sink. Look for wastes that prevent solid particles such as chewing gum from being thrown down them, since this reduces the need for future maintenance.


Partitions (also known as separators) provide some privacy to the user when installed between urinals. It’s also a good idea to install a divider between a urinal and a hand wash basin.

When Purchasing A Urinal, What Should You Check For?

When looking for a high-quality urinal, keep the following qualities in mind:

Materials: While urinals can be produced from a variety of materials, high-quality glazed ceramic is one of the best since it is long-lasting, easy to clean, and stain- and scratch-resistant.

Flushing: Your urinal will require a flushing mechanism unless you want to increase your green credentials with a waterless type (which I’ll discuss later). The best urinals have a timed flush from a cistern installed above the urinal. Multiple urinals can easily be accommodated in a single cistern. 

Position: When purchasing wall-mounted urinals, keep in mind the distance between individual units as well as obstacles such as walls and toilet cubicle partitions. You’ll need to account for this as well if you’re installing partitions. Of course, if you’re mounting something on the wall, you’ll want to be sure it’s sturdy enough.

Pipework: You’ll need to lay out your pipework meticulously so that we know exactly where the cistern, as well as the waste pipes, will go.

Style: While it may not be at the top of your priority list, it is important to consider the toilet’s overall appearance when selecting a style. In any situation, a plain white urinal bowl will suffice.


Bath line India has a large assortment of high-quality urinals with a variety of accessories to suit your needs. Our black urinal accessories are constructed of durable glazed ceramic and have a beautiful, modern style with several layout options for toilets of all sizes. Come have a look at our large selection of high-quality items.

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