Picking the right Western Style Floor Mounted WC Seat for Your Toilet?

Picking the right Western Style Floor Mounted WC Seat for Your Toilet

Floor-mounted WC seats in the Western design may add a fantastic, elegant touch to any bathroom. However, choosing the proper one when selecting the type of seat you desire in your bathroom might be difficult.

So, to assist you, we at bath line have compiled this list, which includes all of the characteristics that make a standard seat fantastic, as well as all of the considerations you should make while shopping for one.

Rough-In Areas

The rough-in size for ground toilet seats is the distance between the wall and the bolts on the floor that will be used to attach the seat (not the distance from the wall to the bass-board). When picking a western-style Floor Mounted WC seat, this is perhaps one of the most significant elements to consider. The rough-in space allows you to see if your seat will fit in a specific area.

Bowl Type

Elongated is round and toilet seat bowls are the most common shapes in Western toilets. Most people believe that sitting in an extended seat is far more pleasant than sitting in around one. A round dish, on the other hand, makes better use of available space.


The variety of western toilet seats that is appropriate for you is determined by the type of flushing system you require.

There are a variety of flushing methods available, including dual-flush toilets, interruptible flush cisterns, and pressure-assist toilet flushes. A western toilet seat with the dual system has two flushes, one little and one large, each consuming around 3L and 6L of water.


Even though there are several variations, standard western toilet seats can be divided into four main categories: two-piece, one-piece, wall-hung, & smart toilets. In India, two-piece toilet seats are fairly prevalent.

  • When both components of a western toilet come together, it’s called a one-piece toilet. They’re less difficult to clean.
  • Toilet seats that are fixed on the wall with the tank built into the wall provide a cleaner, more simple look.
  • Smart toilet seats provide a variety of characteristics that the user may manage, such as water flow, heating adjustments, and more.

Space & Budget

A Smart seat would have been the ideal Continental Floor Mounted WC for you if you have the funds and are looking for ultimate elegance & features. These come with a variety of amenities, including seat and surface temperature controls, as well as spa and wellness options.


The seat you select has a significant impact on the look and feel of your bathroom, so it’s critical to understand the basics before purchasing one. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for the greatest Western-style Floor Mounted WC for your bathroom or guest bathroom, contact the bath line today and choose from a wide selection of high-quality and premium products.

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