Why luxury freestanding bathtub in Delhi is getting so popular?

If you are active in any home décor or home improvement communities on the internet, you must have seen the sudden rise of the luxury freestanding bathtub in DelhiWhile it has long been associated with high-end bathrooms, there is a well-known desire among low-end customers as well. We find this very appealing as one of the best brands that deliver high-end tubs to people at accessible prices, and we feel that if we remove the information gap that holds the consumer back, this movement can go much higher. So, to help achieve this in this blog, we will go over the value that makes it so worthwhile, in addition to telling you about four distinct types or styles, of which it is available on the market.

The value of a freestanding bathtub

Everybody wishes to have a relaxing tub in their bathroom. Perhaps this is why people are looking for current and fashionable designs when they want to adorn their bathrooms with the most beautiful bathtubs. Bathtub designs have recently undergone various changes, one of which was the introduction of the luxury freestanding bathtub in Delhi. Freestanding tubs are believed to take up less room than some other tubs because they are usually free of any external fixtures or attachments. As a result, the market for independent bathtubs has seen an upsurge in demand. However, selecting the right tub, particularly a freestanding tub, is difficult because it is the newest tub style and few people are aware of it. 

Find out more about the different kinds of freestanding bathtubs

There are many different styles of freestanding bathtubs available on the market. There are so many different styles available for your bathroom, ranging from pedestal bathtubs to roll tops. Notwithstanding, we shall discuss some of the most well-known styles in this article.

  • Pedestal bathtubs have a pedestal foundation that raises the tub off the ground slightly.
  •  At least one side of a freestanding bathtub is taller than the others. A slippery slope allows one to recline their body to their liking.
  • Clawfoot tubs have four little claw-shaped legs on each side that help generate space between the ground and the base. 
  • The roll-top bath is a sort of freestanding bathtub in which the top edges of the tub are rolled inward, giving the edges a round shape.


If you’re looking for a luxury freestanding bathtub in Delhi, you’ve come to the right place. Bathline India offers a large selection of bathtubs from which to pick. We’ve helped millions of individuals find the perfect high-end, premium-quality free-standing bathtub that has completely transformed their bathrooms, and we can do the same for you.

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