Use Large Format Tiles to Make the Most of Your Bathroom

Make the Most of Your Bathroom

Bathrooms don’t necessarily have to be large to look good. In fact, one of the best ways to make your small bathroom look bigger than it really is by using large format tiles in your bathroom design project. When you are creating a wet room for your home, you always want to make a striking impact, but you also want to keep it clear and clutter-free. To play with the resources at your disposal, you need to know how to maximize most of the space available. Here the large format tiles play an impeccable and effective role

Large format tiles come in two main types: porcelain and ceramic. Both types have the same advantages when it comes to bathroom remodelling, but they also have their own unique characteristics that are worth exploring before you decide which tile type will best complement your bathroom space and design ideas.

Here are some tips on how to use these tiles to make the most of the space in your bathroom. But first let’s define what large-size tiles are.

Let’s start by gaining a basic understanding of large format tiles. They are typically used in fairly tiny spaces that need to look larger than they are. Due to their versatility, these materials are suitable for covering both walls and floors. They are tiles with one side exceeding 16″, are typically made of ceramic or porcelain materials, and are square or rectangular.

Large-Format Tile Benefits

Large-format tiles can be just the solution you need if you want your bathroom to really stand out. They’re typically used for backsplashes and flooring, but don’t have any rules about what kind of applications they can be used for. Here are a few benefits:

  • They Increase the Room’s Capacity for Use: Not only does it make the space look more elegant and stylish, but the large size gives a feeling of roominess in smaller spaces
  • Give off a seamless, blended appearance: It helps create a uniform feel in different color schemes
  • There’s no worry of them cracking or breaking because they are stronger than standard tile. They cut down on grout joints
  • A great way to personalize a bathroom is to add large format tile designs on them
  • If you have kids, there’s no worry that their handprints will permanently be on the walls like with other materials because of its nonporous surface
  • They’re very easy to clean and maintain
  • You can choose from an array of vivid colors and extensive formats
  • And lastly, these tiles also come in a variety of shapes, so there’s always something that fits into your unique needs!

The Way Forward

Adding texture tiles design in India will make your bathroom even more visually stunning. Large format tiles are a great way to make the most of your bathroom. In particular, best pastel texture tiles create a moody and soft atmosphere, which is ideal for smaller bathrooms.

When it comes to the shape of tiles, there are many options including: square, rectangular, hexagonal and octagonal. Whatever shape you choose though, make sure that they’re large format! But besides that, the best concrete textures designs offered by an established Indian brand – Bathline – are a must-have for any room. They offer many different patterns and textures so you can create the look you have always wanted.

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