Large Format Tiles to Make the Most of Your Bathroom

Large Format Tiles

The bathrooms are one of the most popular rooms in your home. This means they need to be perfect when it comes to style and design. One of the best ways to ensure this happens is to use large format tiles on your bathroom walls, floors and tub surrounds in your bathroom space. With these texture tiles Design in India, you can take your bathroom from just fine to amazing in no time at all! Large-format tiles, which make the most of space in compact rooms, have received a lot of attention lately and are becoming increasingly popular in modern residential settings due to the fact that they’re cost-effective and easy to install. They also offer your bathroom look large and spacious with minimal space requirements and footprint.

In our previous blog in this series, we talked about large format tiles, the benefits they bring to enhancing our bathroom, and certain considerations you should make when choosing the perfect concrete textures designs.  In this last blog of this series, we will talk about some professional tips on how to increase bathroom space and beautify your bathroom in a simple and effective way

Professional Tips for Increasing Bathroom Space

  1. Bathroom Floor and Wall Tiles Should Be Coordinated

When designing your bathroom with space in mind, large format tiles, which are most frequently used on floors, are your best bet. Large format tiles eliminate the noticeable differences between tiles, creating a very uniform and seamless appearance. Installing large format tiles on walls is another way to put them to use. Choose best concrete textures designs and patterned tiles in this situation rather than plain or conventional-looking tiles. Your bathroom will appear lighter and more spacious because to the subtle harmony of color, pattern, and design that will be created between the floor and the walls.

  1. Utilize Light Hues to Enlarge A Small Bathroom

Consider the light in your bathroom when picking your tiles color. Choose light or neutral colors if the bathroom is covered and doesn’t have a window or an outlet to allow for cross-ventilation and light. You may add options from the Bathline collection to your bathrooms.

  1. Keep the Bathroom’s Tiling Consistent

A relaxing and opulent spa-like atmosphere can be created with large format tiles. The tiles, which have marble and stylized patterns, go well with bathrooms that aim for a simple and subtle appearance. You may achieve the effect by using some of the most popular vitrified tiles from the Inspire line.

  1. Use Textured Tiles to Expand the Appearance of Your Small Bathroom

You can always experiment with various colors and textures to make your tiles less monotonous. A room will appear larger if you can reflect light in it. Because they maintain their appearance throughout the year, matte finish tiles are the finest option. They have an understated, soft-spoken style that is nonetheless powerful.


The bathroom, the most special room in your home, is enhanced with elegance and beauty by the large format design of Bathline- The zenith in Texture Tiles Design in India. Here you will find an extensive selection of tiles and the finest stones from renowned quarries. These modern flooring solutions and tiles seamlessly blend design with usefulness to create a unique feel and appearance.

Visit our Bathline to see how to make your dreams come true if you’re still unclear. Bathline offers a selection from its enormous inventory of hundreds of various tile types and categories.

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