Is It Ideal to Install A Freestanding Bathtub In A Wet Room?

Freestanding Bathtub In A Wet Room

Luxury and elegance are essential requisites of a modern-era home. Wet rooms are the modern era’s answer to a luxurious bathroom, and there is no better way to add that touch of extravagance than with a luxurious, elegant wet room that offers a divine bathing experience.  Freestanding bathtubs inset in India are becoming increasingly popular because they offer the convenience of elegance and utility, but are they best suited for wet rooms? A freestanding bathtub can be an excellent addition to your bathroom, but it’s not suitable for all types of wet rooms. In this blog, we will help you determine whether installing a freestanding bathtub in your wet room is an ideal choice and when this setup will lead to complications. Are Freestanding Bathtubs the Ideal Utility for Wet Rooms?

A Freestanding bathtubs inset in India can be installed in a wet room. However, it is not something we would recommend, though. This is because graceful showers, not bathtubs, are intended for use in wet rooms. An enclosure is not required in a wet room, as it is often equipped with a glass panel. Bathtubs are not the best choice due to the construction of wet rooms and the way the drain is built. Wet rooms typically have a flush drain embedded in the floor, and the floor is slightly sloped to allow water to drain easily. Freestanding bathtubs require the right plumbing for wet room. You must always make sure this is achievable when installing them in a damp room. However, it’s not the best idea to put a freestanding bathtub in a wet room. Still, if you decide to build a standalone tub, we advise consulting a licensed plumber to determine whether your particular wet room can accommodate it. Even though it would not be simple to accomplish, it might be doable with expert assistance.

To allow water from the freestanding bathtub to drain the water straight from the wet room rather than onto the wet room floor, a plumber would probably need to construct a separate drain and piping system. This would avoid flood-prone standing water that takes a long time to drain. The water from the bathtub must be drained completely separately. Given this case, the wall and not the floor of the wet room would be a better place for the pipe to drain. But this is not always possible to do this due to various architectural constraints and other construction challenges, such as the possibility to dig a hole, making a cut in the glass of the wet room, and other complex fixtures. Also, care must be taken not to look messy and destroy the cosiness, elegance and luxury of the wet room.

The Final Thoughts

Luxury Free standing Bathtubs India are generally easier to install than built-in bathtubs and often come with more attractive price tags. There are several considerations to take into account before installing a freestanding bathtub, such as its placement in the bathroom or wet room, the wetness of the room it will be installed in, and available space. Bathline, a luxury inset bathtub brand in India, offers graceful contours for your bathroom that are guaranteed to leave you speechless! Bathline’s luxurious bathtubs are durable, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing works of art that can elevate your bathing experience to a new level.

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