What makes luxury inset bathtub worthwhile?

luxury inset bathtub

Everyone desires a soothing tub in their bathroom. Perhaps this is why, when it comes to choosing the most attractive bathtubs for their bathrooms, people opt for current and fashionable designs. Bathtub designs have changed significantly, with the development of luxury inset bathtub being one of them.

Different kinds of freestanding bathtubs

Luxury inset bathtub come in a variety of forms. From pedestal bathtubs to roll tops, there are a plethora of types to choose from for your bathroom. Regardless, we’ll go over some of the more well-known styles in this piece.

  • Pedestal bathtubs have a pedestal base that raises the tub slightly off the ground. A freestanding bathtub has at least one side that is taller than the others. The ability to recline one’s body to one likes.
  • Claw foot tubs have four small claw-shaped legs on each side, which help create space between the ground and the tub’s base.
  • The roll-top bath is a type of freestanding bathtub in which the tub’s top edges be pushed inward, creating a spherical form.

Because they are usually free of any exterior fittings or attachments, freestanding tubs are said to take up less space than other tubs. As a result, there has been an increase in demand for standalone bathtubs. However, choosing the correct tub, especially a freestanding tub, can be challenging because it is the newest tub style and few people are familiar with it.


Any style can benefit from a standalone tub. Freestanding tubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the traditional claw-foot to the contemporary egg shape. Their designers may be more creative with the shape because they don’t have to fit between walls or into tiling.


The majority of consumers choose a standalone tub due to its appearance. It’s unique, and it makes a statement that’s often associated with luxury–freestanding tubs are popular at high-end spas.


A freestanding tub is less difficult to install than a tub that is incorporated into the wall. You’ll probably only need a plumber instead of a decorator and a contractor.


You may be more creative with your space with freestanding baths. Do you want your tub to be precisely beneath the room’s main skylight? 

After all, what’s to stop you? Freestanding tubs can be placed anywhere, but built-in tubs may require two or more walls for installation.


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