Luxury Free Standing Tub: Material Effect On the Look & Free

free standing bath

A free-standing bathtub is among the most stunning additions to a master bathroom. Deciding on freestanding tubs, on the other hand, can be difficult. If done correctly, this opulent fixture can transform your bathroom into the coziest room in the house. Below, we’ll discuss why a luxury freestanding tub is preferable to traditional bathtubs.

Tub Materials:

  • Acrylic tubs are a terrific choice because they’re easy to come by and come in a range of styles. They’re also lightweight (which is ideal for navigating a flight of stairs!) and are often the most cost-effective. 
  • When it comes to luxury freestanding tubs, solid-surface tubs are, in my opinion, the ideal “middle of the road” option. They’re built from a solid material (typically resin), and they’re long-lasting, sleek, low-maintenance, and great at keeping heat. Most solid-surface tubs have a more modern appearance, which may or may not be a good thing depending on your taste. Due to their material, solid-surface tubs are more expensive and heavier than acrylic tubs.
  • The old-school clawfoot tubs are made of cast iron, which makes them extremely sturdy and heavy. You might consider reinforcing the floors beneath them because they’re so hefty. They also hold heat effectively because of their solid structure, making them excellent for an extended soak. Because of these factors, cast iron tubs can be expensive.

The Impact on Look And Feel

Consider how the layout of your space will be affected by the tub’s design when selecting a free-standing tub. A tub’s curve can soften an angular bathroom, or an angular bath might complement soft hues or lend structure to a highly structured space. Tubs that are rectangular and box-like will look great in a modern or contemporary bathroom. A rounded, oval-shaped tub, on the other hand, often complements a classic design, although certain oval versions complement a modern design.

When it comes to determining whether or not you have enough room to play, some bathtubs are large enough to comfortably accommodate two people at the same time. Tub size is purely a matter of personal opinion; some individuals prefer a smaller tub, while others want a larger tub, similar to a hot tub. At Bathline India, we have a large selection of luxury freestanding tubs. Check them out and choose the one that is best for you today.

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