Four Types of Wash Basin Design to Considered for Your Bath Space

Wash basin design

Washbasins, like other bathroom accessories, are an essential feature of the bathroom. However, choosing a wash basin design is one of the most difficult decisions to make. Many variables must be considered to have an aesthetically beautiful, economically sound, and purpose-built washbasin. We go over some of that in-depth detail in this blog:

Washbasins for the counter: These washbasins will undoubtedly improve the overall feel and appearance of your bathroom. In most cases, there are two sorts of counters: “Over the counter” washbasins are the way to go if you want a fashionable and modern wash basin design! ‘Make sure it’s positioned such that the basin is easily accessible. ‘Under-the-counter basins are also a nice option because they are easy to clean. Because the basin is built into the counter, the rim is hidden.

Pedestal washbasins: pedestal is smaller washbasins with a pedestal that hides the drain pipe and improves bathroom aesthetics. Either two separate units with a pedestal and removable basin or a single block are available.

Wall-mounted washbasins: Washbasins that are installed on the wall in your bathroom are known as wall-mounted washbasins. In comparison to other types of washbasins, these basins come in smaller sizes and are significantly lighter. These basins are easier to clean because there is plenty of room beneath them.

Tabletop washbasins: This simple-to-install, thin-rimmed basins have a higher water holding capacity and add to the bathroom’s aesthetic. Tabletop washbasins have many advantages, including less water splash and overall greater robustness. These


You should now have a better understanding of the various varieties of washbasins available. While the washbasin must be reasonably priced, the quality of the washbasin should never be compromised. Keep in mind that your washbasin sets the tone for the rest of your bathroom. Make an informed decision.

To select the ideal washbasin design and give a touch of comfort and class to your sanitary ware and bathroom in general, you must first comprehend the various types and categories of washbasins. When it comes to wash basin design, we have a comprehensive choice of top-quality designs at Bathline India. Today, choose from the collection what you want.

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