Different Types of Texture Tiles Design in India You Can Buy?

Different Types of Texture Tiles Design in India You Can Buy?

We’d like to introduce you to textured tiles for walls and floors if you enjoy the tactile appeal of textured surfaces and want to incorporate them into your house. These tile textures easily provide depth and character to any area, making textured tiles one of the most popular tile trends in recent years. Here are the types of tiles to be aware of if you are trying to buy Different Types of Texture Tiles Design in India.



One of the most popular tile textures in 2021 is wave tiles. The Wave Crest Stone Décor tiles by AGL Tiles have a smooth raised wave design that simulates ocean waves, making them an ideal bathroom wall tile texture. While showering, this wave bathroom tile texture will help you relax. If you’re looking for these Different Types of Textured Tiles Design in India, AGL Tiles’ New Texture Wave Décor with its wave type texture is ideal. The Textured Tiles Design In India for these bathroom tiles is quite versatile, allowing you to add a unique element to your space.


Wooden texture tiles are becoming increasingly fashionable, particularly in bedrooms. This bedroom tile texture is the greatest hardwood floor substitute. The wooden texture tiles have the same rustic aesthetic as the original hardwood flooring, but are less expensive, more environmentally friendly, and easier to maintain. The Alpine Wood Pine tiles are made to seem like a hardwood floor, but the Binary Wood Plus tiles are a unique take on the same. AGL Tiles has a large selection of wooden bedroom floor tile textures.


Because the kitchen is the most significant room in the house, it needs some distinctive textured tiles. Mosaic tiles are the ideal modern kitchen tile texture for adding a splash of vibrant colour to the Centre of your house. Small bits of tile are put together on a sheet to make these kitchen highlighting tiles. Mosaic tiles are visually appealing and artistically pleasing solutions for your area because they come in a variety of patterns, styles, and colors. The Mosaic Brown Plus kitchen floor tile has the perfect texture, while the Cavour Mosaic Plus kitchen wall tile has the perfect texture.


These richly textured elevation tiles are perfect for injecting life to an otherwise lifeless space. To create a phased, multi-leveled surface, strips of varied lengths and thickness are bonded together. Elevato Slate tiles by AGL blend a grey tile texture with a black tile texture. The Ladrillo Brown tile is a one-of-a-kind design that will liven up any dull space, whether it’s a bedroom, kitchen, living room, or bathroom. This tile’s pattern evokes the sensation of a crisp autumn morning, which is just lovely. 


Terracotta tiles have a unique feel and are extremely durable, making them ideal for outdoor use. These tiles are suitable for usage in the parking lot or around the pool. Terracotta tiles provide the appropriate texture for an outdoor floor tile and may also be used inside your home. Terracotta tiles can be used in almost every part of the house without looking out of place, including the garage, roof, and patio. The AGL Curvy Beige & Grit Beige tiles display the terracotta tiles’ vastness.



Homeowners, designers, and architects are looking for goods that show the ideal balance of innovation and originality, and these Different Types of Textured Tiles Design In India are the perfect example of that. They can provide depth and dimension to a room that is otherwise flat and lifeless.

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