Why Floor Mounted Commode Is Better Than Wall Mounted Toilet Seat?

floor mounted commode

Most smart people know how important it is to choose the right material to keep a space’s aesthetic intact. But since there are no abundantly clear distinctions between floor mounted commode or the trendy wall-mounted one aside from design, many people end up simply choosing whatever appeals to them at the time. 

This decision seems unimportant on the surface but choosing anything other than a floor-mounted toilet is a bad idea for your toilet space.

In this article, we’ll look at why installing a wall-mounted toilet might be inconvenient and why a typical floor mounted commode is still superior for long-term use.

The Disadvantage of Wall-Mounted Compared to Floor Mounted Seats

Let us begin by proving that wall-mounted commodes are not worth the space they take up in your home:-

It is necessary to use a specific toilet pan: A wall-mounted one cannot be installed on the spur of the moment. the layout must be obtained first, and the concealed smooth PVC pipes must be installed and integrated with the drainage connections before tiling.

The setup is difficult: It is recommended that a project of this sort be done by experts. This isn’t a project for do-it-yourselfers. The expansion lines are inserted through, often reveal the exposed plumbing. And the sewerage lines need to protrude much above or inside the wall.

Unavoidable Placement issue: Putting a wall-mounted lavatory may be difficult in terms of utility and efficiency. It needs to be high enough to hold large bowls while also avoiding water spilling when refilling it with water.

Water leaks disaster: A leaking floor-mounted commode can be repaired quite affordably if the homeowner has some basic plumbing knowledge. Wall-mounted commodes, on the other hand, are somewhat different. To repair wall commodes, certain portions of the walls might have to be removed.

Additionally, segments of the wall may have to be fixed as a consequence of the leaks inside the wall. It’s not unusual for this type of injury to go undiagnosed until it’s too later.

Evergreen Benefits of Floor Mounted Seats

Now let’s look at the two most important benefits of having a traditional toilet in your home. Using a floor mounted toilet instead of a wall-mounted toilet, has the following advantages:-

Comfortable Seating: Placing a floor-mounted commode provides the benefit of increased seat height. Floor mounted commode appeal to many homeowners because they allow you to change the location of your toilet whether you’re taller, shorter, or anywhere in between.

Accessible Water Tank: Unlike a wall-mounted toilet, the tank on a grounded toilet is not concealed behind your walls, making your restroom more manageable.


Both wall-mounted and floor mounted commode are nice to use at first, and you’ll like using either one. However, in the end, you must choose the one that best appeals to you in terms of utility and aesthetics.

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