When You Should Choose A Counter Top Wash Basin?

When You Should Choose A Counter Top Wash Basin?

In today’s life, the bathroom is no more just a compulsion used only for natural calls and bathing. People now only looking for something that only fulfils their need but also brings out attractive, modern and stylistic solutions to their bathroom.

To define your bathroom style, the first thing that comes across to style your bathroom is washbasin.  Wash basin is the key point of any bathroom design. This is the reason why the designers curate the wash basins as the first thing while deciding on the layout of the bathroom.

Choosing the right style of sink is the first step in designing a bath space as it sets the tone of your bathroom. But choosing the right one is not a cakewalk. It takes a sharp eye of detailing and a lot of variables to be taken into examination like shape, functionality and space. There are various design wash basins available in the market with different functionalities and sizes. Below we have discussed the most popular and trending basin is known as the counter top wash basin.

What is counter top wash basin?

In the counter top basin, sinks are self rimmed and drop-ins that easily fit or install over the counter. With elegant design and effective functionality make them an excellent part of modern bathroom and public places. Counter top basins are available in various shapes and designs with a great beautiful appeal that never goes wrong with embellishing the front. Read More: 7 Helpful Tips For Doing Custom Bathrooms

Who should choose a counter top wash basin?

Irrespective of the size, counter tops are very much in vogue for your bathroom. Counter top wash basin is ideal for those who want:

  • Give their bathroom an appealing look
  • Wash basin of their bathroom is the focal point.
  • Their bathroom space is bigger than necessary.
  • Living in a joint family.
  • Avoid digging deep holes to fitting fixtures in the wall

Types of Counter top Wash Basins

The function of most of the counter top basins are almost the same but they are very their shape. Here are the top three wash counter top basin that you can get over the counter or you can buy online:

  1. Rectangular Counter Top

    Rectangular shape counter top can well fit in large and small size bathrooms.  Their sleek and minimalistic look can add charm in your bathroom.

  2. Round Counter top

    The round size counter tops are European inspired modern contemporary style design that gives your bathroom a fuller look with a 3-D style touch. 

  3. Oval Counter top

This style of counter top basins come with ample storage that defines luxury and gives a minimalistic look to any bathroom design.

The Bathline India collections of counter top wash basin that implement a matchless style which is varied in shapes and sizes, to the benefit of an engaging appearance able to overwhelm the boundaries that in the past were typical of this kind of product.

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