What is the difference between a wash basin counter top and an under basin in a bathroom?

under-counter basin

In-home, the toilet is the only area where water is concentrated that mainly reflects the two places of the shower and sink. Usually, the regular bathroom washbasins are divided into under and over counter basins. Despite functioning, they are quite opposite to each other.

Difference between under and over counter basins?

The difference between under counter basin and counter basin are:


As compared to the under-counter basin, the countertop basin is fixed on the top of the counter to maintain its firmness, which improves durability. While the under-counter basin is fixed under the hard material and attached by various glues. With time, its appearance gets fade and the durability also reduce.

Artistic Aspect

When it’s about the artistic look, there is no doubt that both counter basins are elegant due to the various styles of counter basins. Both styles of basins can be matched with almost any style.

But the style of under counter basin is limited and its artistic design mainly reaped from the probity of the bathroom cabinet, and the excellence of the single basin is subordinate to the counter basin. Read More: Steps To Install a Pedestal Sink

Cost difference

At cost, the under-counter basin is much lower than the over counter basin. Because of the design and style, the under-counter basin is limited and could not achieve a breakthrough, so the price has been very steady. However, the above counter basin style is varied and are much expansive than the under-counter basin.

Cleaning and Sanitation

In term of cleaning and sanitisation, the under-counter basins can be brought into full play. This basin is much easier to clean up basins, which is the most significant benefit of under counter basins. In the over counter basin, there is a dead corner which makes it harder to clean.

Installation Process

The installation of the above counter basin is easy to install and generalises the technical specifications for installation. On the other side, the under-counter basin has prime requirements for the installation process with a lengthy and difficult construction.


For the wet and dry design of the bathroom, the washbasin is designed separately, so when choosing a washbasin, it is necessary to refer to the bathroom space. If the washbasin area is extensive, the design of the under-counter basin is great, otherwise, the effect is average. Above the counter, basins are an excellent choice for small washbasin locations.

Whether you choose the over a basin or under basin counter, you need to choose the right one that fulfils your home requirement.

For example, in the large bathroom space, the under-counter basin is best whereas for the above counter basins the small washbasins are good. So, no matter what others suggest to you, in the end, it’s all about your requirements.

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