What Colour To Choose For The Bathroom How To Give Your Bathroom The Right Makeover

What Colour To Choose For The Bathroom How To Give Your Bathroom The Right Makeover

Are you thinking about the colour of your future bathroom or are you thinking of renovating the current one? Haven’t made up your mind yet about what colour and general tones to choose? Find in these few lines practical advice for a trendy bathroom.

Trendy and fashionable colours for a bathroom

Interior design trends can change overnight. The secret to keeping a bathroom up to date is choosing the right colours and installing a good harmony. Below are the main colours to choose for a trendy bathroom.


Who would have believed it one day that a black bathroom could be trendy? By opting for black, the goal is not to create a gloomy atmosphere, but to put in place strong tones without falling into the “kitsch”.

When we talk about a black bathroom, we can for example think of a black stylish wash basin matched with a black bathtub. We can also think of a matt bathroom for more originality and rusticity.

The secret to a beautiful black bathroom is to harmonize the tones well without overdoing it. The colours that go best with black are white and grey. To always bring originality, why not add a few touches of gold? For example, opt for a bathroom faucet or a gold bathroom mixer.


Do you dream of a modern bathroom with colour tones that will never tire you? What if you opt for a grey bathroom? Grey is a very beautiful contemporary colour, the ideal ally for modernity.

Tiles, stylish wash basin or even bathtub body, you will easily find grey bathroom elements on the market. For even more authenticity, you can choose as bathroom flooring a cement effect or even concrete to stay in grey tones.

Be careful, however, not to sink too much into grey; vary for example with touches of white or even cream to slightly break the effect.

White bathroom

White in the bathroom? Simply timeless! Not only does this colour provide superb light diffusion, it also considerably widens spaces. Unlike the majority of bathroom colours, white is the only one that can completely decorate the room without excess and without giving an impression of too occupied. Read More: Want To Avoid Picking The Wrong Faucet For Your Home? Follow This Guide

With a white bathroom, you will feel soothed every day and confident to start your days. The best advice we can give you would be to take personal care in lighting your white bathroom because white can very quickly bring small flaws to the fore.

Blue bathroom

You would think that blue is one of the classic bathroom colours and it is not wrong. If you are worried about falling into the common, we reassure you because there are various shades of blue that are very beautiful and unique at the same time.

No risk of falling into the banal and déjà vu blue. In the category of modern and contemporary blues there is pastel blue.

With worked touches of pastel blue in your bathroom, you are sure to be right on target when it comes to style and trend. If you are wondering what colour can go well with blue in the bathroom, we would definitely recommend grey or white!

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