Want To Avoid Picking The Wrong Faucet For Your Home? Follow This Guide

Want To Avoid Picking The Wrong Faucet For Your Home Follow This Guide

During a home construction or renovation project, we have many choices in terms of fittings. For your bathroom or kitchen, how do you decide which kitchen or bathroom faucets you should buy? Depending on your needs and your daily water consumption, it is often worth taking the time to choose the model of faucet to install.

Do you know exactly what a Mixer Tap is?

The kitchen faucet is composed of a handle. This element will be used to make the various settings for temperature (from right to left) and water flow (from bottom to top). The handling of a mixer tap is easy. Every member of the family, from the smallest to the largest, can use it without any worries.

Thanks to the presence of a ring, it is more convenient to control the temperature of the water supplied. In order to reduce water consumption, this type of equipment is fitted with a flow limiter. Since the lever keeps its position after its last use, the water temperature is maintained.

You can choose from three types of mixer taps. First, you have the classic mixer: the most marketed version and featured in all categories. Then, you can opt for a thermostatic mixer: a fairly practical model, especially for the shower. You also have the option of purchasing an infrared control mixer. This is the most sophisticated version to save the maximum amount of water. Read More: Meet Up With Your Changing Needs With Stylish And Innovative Faucets

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Do you know how a mixing valve works?

A mixer tap consists of two taps, usually with two heads, as well as a spout. In principle, the right mixer tap produces cold water and the left tap hot water. To obtain the optimum temperature, you can open both taps at the same time. In this way, the water is combined by flow management.

For existing models, you can choose between a single hole, double hole or triple hole faucet. A one-hole mixer is the best known version. It has only one body for the whole water distribution process.

The two-hole mixer allows the two heads to be interchanged in order to maintain the correct temperature. As for the three-hole mixers, the structure is different compared to the elements that compose them.

Models equipped with an infrared detection activation system are simply revolutionary. They help fight waste and protect the environment. The various mixer models are, by the way, essentially composed of a spout. This element in turn can come in three different forms: low, medium or high spout.

The low spout versions are the classic mixers. Those with medium and high spouts are dedicated exclusively to washbasins. It is also possible to find waterfall spout mixers with larger jets. Among these few models, you will choose according to your needs as well as your budget.

So, what kind of faucet to choose?

The selection will focus above all on the practical side of kitchen or bathroom faucets. It is only then that you will look at the aesthetics.

On this subject, the mixer is perfect for a contemporary style interior decoration. With its elegant design and its control lever, it fits easily into this type of decoration. It also finds its place in harmony with modern showers and basins. You will have the choice between several models on the market, thanks to bathlineindia.com.

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