Steps To Install a Pedestal Sink

pedestal wash basin

Are you’re looking for a new bathroom sink that is economical, easy to assemble and take less space? If this is something you wish for, then a pedestal wash basin might be the right choice for you.

Pedestal sinks are perfect for the small bathroom and powder room. They are easily installed in small bathrooms without taking much space. If you buy a pedestal sink, you should have it installed and working in less than two hours. Here are some tips that you should follow while installing the pedestal sink:

Turn Off the Water Supply

Before installing the water supply, the first thing you need to do is shut off the lever or knob, located near the sink. Or you may need to set the home’s main water shut-off until you don’t install the sink. If the water left in the waterline, then release pressure slowly. Read More: How Does a Bathtub Overflow Drain Work?

Disengage the Drainage and Water Lines

If you still have the vanity sink combination, then make sure to open the door and put the bucket under the sink’s drainpipe. With hands or the pliers if it’s too Tite to loosen the connections on the water supply lines. Once you lose the drainpipe, let them drain into the bucket.

Separate the Sink and Vanity

If the caulk is too hard, then cut it with a utility knife and remove it from the counter then connect the counter to the backsplash or wall. Check if there is any screw left that supporting the vanity to the bathroom wall and unscrew them. While unscrewing, make sure that all plumbing lines are disconnected.

Remove Mirror From The Wall 

Detaching the mirror from the wall is a good idea before installing the pedestal washbasin. Removing the mirror from the wall is a safe way to avoid any accident or breakage while removing the cabinet. If the mirror is glued with all, it’s better to leave it in place unless you’re not ready to replace the mirror. 

Finish the Installation

After finishing the installation, clean up the wall by removing the remaining caulk with a scraper or plaster knife. If the new cabinet is shorter or smaller than the old one the plan to repair and paint before installing the new vanity.

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