Meet Up With Your Changing Needs With Stylish And Innovative Faucets

Meet Up With Your Changing Needs With Stylish And Innovative Faucets

The faucet remains an essential part of the bathroom. Whatever the design of your washbasin or basin, the taps bring it aestheticism and style.

Today, the mixer tap is the most popular model and the most used by households, given its attractive price and ease of installation. Even if it is not as efficient as the mixer, it remains the favourite of middle-income households. We give you all the information you need to help you choose the perfect bathroom mixer.

The basin mixer: operation and characteristics

Features of a basin mixer

The mixer tap of a washbasin is characterized by the existence of a spout as well as two handles for obtaining hot and cold water.

The tap delivering cold water is usually marked with a blue dot, against a red dot for hot water. In most households, the basin mixer has a single mounting hole.

How to choose your basin mixer tap?

Before choosing a kitchen faucet, it is strongly recommended to check certain criteria. This is the best way not to make mistakes and to have a model that exactly meets your expectations.

The head of the faucet

This criterion is often overlooked. However, the choice of the tap head is of capital importance for reasons of hygiene and aesthetics.

Note that this part of the tap is often attacked by tartar. In addition, it wears out quite quickly because of the permanent aggression of the limestone. It is thus recommended to opt for ceramic heads which is incomparable in terms of strength and durability. Read More: Freestanding Bathtubs: An Emerging Trend That Can Give You Pleasure And Comfort


Beyond its functional role, the mixer tap must harmonize with the decoration or the style of the bathroom. You can find such faucets at the website havinga wide range for all tastes with various styles: vintage, traditional, contemporary.

In terms of finish, you have the choice between: chrome, mat or brushed finish. In order to bring more light into the bathroom, you can opt for a polished or shiny finish.

If you are looking for a more elegant look, matte is a go-to choice. On the other hand, in order to bring a more modern design, do not hesitate to use the black finish.

Finally, don’t forget that the bathroom faucet spout also influences the design. By adopting, for example, a faucet with a low spout, you will bring a more classic style to the bathroom. On the other hand, the waterfall faucet rhymes above all with a modern and contemporary look.

Water saving

The mixer tap is known to be a large consumer of water. However, there are models with a device to reduce water consumption. This is the flow restrictor which is generally in the form of a foamer.

This system injects air into the tap, the mixture of which with water minimizes consumption while optimizing user comfort.

We would like to suggest you to consult the experts of as the company has a vast range of bathing solutions ranging from best shower spa system, kitchen faucets to bathtub overflow plate.

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