Make Your Bathing Experience More comfy with Wall Shower Areas

Make Your Bathing Experience More comfy with Wall Shower Areas

It is difficult to imagine a modern person without daily shower use. Currently, it is noted that the shower began to perform not only a hygienic function. Many people take a shower just to relax, which is why modern best shower Areas value not only their functionality, but also their appearance and level of comfort.

Types of shower systems and their functions

Shower systems are divided according to the option of their attachment, type of installation, their functions, type of mixer and equipment. According to the mounting option, shower systems are distinguished:

  • With overhead and hand shower;
  • With overhead shower;
  • Shower panel;
  • Combined system.

At the heart of wall shower Areas equipped with an overhead shower and a hand shower is a bar with a hand shower moving along it. Fastening of such a system is made to the wall. It is possible to use a flexible hose instead of a rod (cheaper option), but this excludes additional functions.

On some models, the booms can be equipped with auxiliary nozzles, there can be both rotary and fixed booms. Often such systems are distinguished by the presence of additional nozzles that create jets with different intensities.

The convenience of such a system is that you can use both overhead and hand shower. Systems with overhead and hand showers are quite simple to install and do not require additional water supply devices.

The advantage of shower systems with overhead shower is their compactness. They are disc-shaped or rectangular panels that are mounted to the top of the wall or ceiling. Read More: Is Buying Best Shower Areas at a Discounted Price is a Good Idea?

To facilitate the maintenance of this type of system, some models have a self-cleaning function for the ceiling, which is extremely important, because lack of proper maintenance can reduce the functional qualities of the system.

It should be noted that such models are distinguished by increased water consumption and a high degree of splashing, therefore, during installation, you need to take care of the curtains. Installation work on the installation of such a system is best done before the end of general repair work, because wall cladding is done after the pipes are installed. As a rule, after installation of such a system, it is impossible or very difficult to adjust it in height.

All types of shower systems, regardless of the type of installation and other parameters, have a number of advantages:

  • Open systems are good for ease of installation and ease of repair and maintenance. This is explained by the fact that all key elements are located on the surface.
  • The main advantage of the closed type is space saving, which is important if the room is small, as well as an attractive appearance, since only the main elements are located on the surface.
  • Different types of mixers have their own merits as well. For two-valve options, this is ease of operation, maintenance and repair. Thermostatic mixers also have an important advantage – they allow you to save water.

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