How to Give Your Bathroom a New Look Using the High-End Best Shower System?

How to Give Your Bathroom a New Look Using the High-End Best Shower System

Depending on the installation method, each type of best shower set has its own advantages. For example, for an open type, it is easy to install and easy to maintain or repair, because all important nodes are on the surface. For a closed type, the main advantage is space saving, which is very important for small rooms, and aesthetics, because only the necessary elements remain on the surface.

Each type of mixer also has its own advantages. Two-valve mixers are characterized by ease of use, repair and maintenance. The advantage of thermostatic mixers is water saving.

While choosing a shower system, first of all, you should pay attention to the design of the device. Here, the important points will be the size of the watering can and the length of the hose or pipe through which the water is supplied to the watering can. Read More: Which Faucet To Choose According To Your Bathroom Sink

It is necessary to pay attention to the materials used in the system, as well as to the fittings. The presence of small defects (notches in the thread, scratches, chips, etc.) can cause serious damage in the future. It is important to understand that the more functions there are in the system, the greater the likelihood of system failure.

Of course, when choosing the best shower system, you must first of all focus on the personal needs that this system is designed to satisfy. Therefore, it cannot be said that an overhead shower is better than a hand shower, and a built-in shower is better than an open one. These parameters are specific to the situation.

There are three main criteria for choosing a shower system.

Shower system design. The main design features, in addition to the number of watering cans, are their diameter and bar height. The height of the bar depends on the height of the tallest member of the family, the range from 90 to 200 cm is enough to find the optimal one.

Watering cans are produced in various diameters, from 8 cm to 40 cm. A logical solution would be to install a large diameter watering can as an overhead shower, while for a bottom shower it is more convenient to stop at a diameter of no more than 15 cm.

Shower system material.The choice of material influences the service life of the system, similar to the choice of mixers. Nickel, chromium and brass alloys are wear resistant. The preferred pipe material is stainless steel, switches will last longer if made of brass. Pay particular attention to the quality of the flexible bottom shower hose.

Additional functionality of the shower system. Some models provide for the installation of a soap dish on a bar, hanging a shelf for personal care products. Watering cans can have several modes of operation, as well as backlighting for beautiful illumination. In addition, it is possible to install side nozzles for additional body massage.

To increase the life of your shower system, two rules must be followed. Use the system for its intended purpose, do not hang anything superfluous on the barbell, it is designed only for the weight of the watering can. And in time, clean the nozzles and active elements of the system from plaque and dirt.

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