Freestanding Bathtubs: An Emerging Trend That Can Give You Pleasure And Comfort

Freestanding Bathtubs An Emerging Trend That Can Give You Pleasure And Comfort

The freestanding bathtub is gaining more and more popularity, in particular among bloggers. But this is not a cheap pleasure, so before installing such a bath, you should think carefully about all its pros and cons.

Pricing policy, models and important nuances that everyone should know, read this blog. Often a freestanding bathtub is mounted in the corner of a bathroom or in a niche, but this should not be done:

  • Firstly, it does not show all the beauty for which you paid a lot of money;
  • Secondly, especially for such cases, there are wall and corner options. They will cost less, and it will be easier to care for them, because you will not have hard-to-reach places.

The freestanding bathroom infuses the room with an aura of elegance and luxury. In such a bath you can relax after the excitement of a working day, this is a kind of place for meditation. Read More: Enhance Elegance Of Your Bathroom With Free Standing Bath


Attractive looks are one of the main reasons why you want to have such a bathroom at home. It looks almost like a sculpture, like a work of art.

It is free, the walls of the room do not press on it. And sitting in it, you feel the same. The ideal room for such a beauty is a spacious bathroom with big windows, then you will definitely get the feeling that you are in a spa resort.


Today, freestanding bath tubs are available in acrylic, cast iron, wood, stone, copper, glass and steel. Some are very expensive and are only suitable for classic or retro interiors.

Metal baths keep heat well, but require more careful maintenance than acrylic ones. Wooden bathtubs are an unusual choice these days, but they do their job perfectly thanks to the special coating and quality finishes.

Another great option is natural stone, which will harmonize perfectly with the rest of the plumbing from the same material.


The pace of modern life leads to the appearance of nervous tension and sleep problems. It is not possible to visit spa-salons or yoga classes regularly.

You need to create your own “island of tranquillity” at home, where you could relax and get rid of problems. A spa-style bath interior will just do that.

Nothing fancy is needed – a minimalist room and a white freestanding bathtub. Modern models are available in various geometric shapes, colours and sizes.

Choose the one that fits perfectly into your bathroom interior design. The fact that they are a fashion trend this year and have become even more affordable is an added incentive to try and place a freestanding bath tub in your bathroom.

So are you ready to embrace this luxurious and elegant trend? If yes, then discover the product range of and select a suitable freestanding bathtub for you and your family.

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