Enhance Elegance Of Your Bathroom With Free Standing Bath

Enhance Elegance Of Your Bathroom With Free Standing Bath

Freestanding bathtubs are increasingly common in the interiors of renowned designers. This decision was to the liking of both the owners of spacious country houses and small city apartments. And if a luxurious bathtub is difficult to place in the bathroom, then it can always be transferred to the bedroom.

More recently, the freestanding bathtub has been seen in the rich interiors of country houses or in the pages of interior magazines. But time passed and there was a genuine interest in this model, as a result of which the freestanding bathtub became a fashion trend.

Why are freestanding baths so popular?

The freestanding bathtub is not only about aesthetics, but also about making the bathing experience an enjoyable ritual. In addition, such an item of plumbing does not have to be placed against the wall, which means it gives room for designer thought.

Taking into account fashion trends, manufacturers produce a wide variety of models suitable for any style, be it minimalism or modern classics. Read More: Bathroom Color Schemes You Never Knew You Wanted

What kind of interior is a freestanding bathtub suitable for?

An important requirement when installing such a bath is a decent size of the room. It is better if its area is at least 6 sq. m. The item looks especially impressive in a very spacious bathroom, but if you wish, you can buy a free-standing bathtub of a small size.

For those who prefer the classics, the freestanding bathtub is the best solution. This model will bring a special mood to the bathroom interior.

Lovers of eco-style, rustic style will like wooden models. For high-tech interiors, loft bathtubs of simple modern forms in combination with freestanding taps will look great.

The glass model will become an unusual futuristic design solution in the bathroom. In any style, this product will look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

The market offers a wide variety of shapes, sizes, models of freestanding bathtubs. These items are made from different materials: from acrylic to natural stone. There are both monolithic models and classic style bathtubs with graceful legs.

Any model of a freestanding bathtub will be a convenient functional item and will add a special, luxurious atmosphere to the interior.

Freestanding tubs are all the rage these days, and for good reason. If you have one, great choice! As amazing as they are though, freestanding tubs can also pose a challenge when it comes to decorating the rest of your bathroom.

A freestanding tub is a centrepiece, so you don’t need other parts to create clutter. Such a tub adds character and a touch of luxury to your space, not to mention giving you an incredible spa-like experience to unwind at the end of the day.

The best thing about a freestanding bathtub? It matches any design trend or decorating style. Whether you go for a classic, contemporary or modern design, you can incorporate the freestanding tub into it by adjusting as needed.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit bathlineindia.com now and equip your house with a beautiful freestanding bathtub.

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