6 Important Tips For Doing Custom Bathrooms

commercial bathroom layout

After spending a significant amount of time in our bathrooms, it’s become natural to think about satin vanity units, commercial bathroom layout, unique bathtubs and excellent toilet designs. Nowadays, a modern design bathroom plays a dual function. Besides, being served as a room for utility and functionality, it also serves an aesthetics touch to the bathroom that makes the environment pleasant.

When you customize your bathroom according to your choice, space and budget then you can reflect your style, execution of your taste and a part of your personality. Your customize bathroom gives you a relaxation movement and feeling of serenity and bliss.

If you’re looking to customize your bathroom, we have made some helpful tips that help you renovate your bathroom within the budget.

1. Choose the Right Toilet Placement

When you want to place the toilet in your customise master bath, whether it’s behind or open another door to make sure that it suits your design. A toilet is the first thing you see when you enter the bathroom. In simple words, you don’t want it to be the focal point of it. So before designing the layout, make sure that it’s not close in the line with the door. Read More: 5 Tips On Choosing The Faucets

2. Double Sinks 

Not everyone copes with the morning sink shuffle that happens usually when two people need to use it at the same time. To void such a kind of problem, adding another sink would be a splendid choice for your custom bathroom. It also plays a huge factor for home buyers and resale value.

3. Make Storage For Everything

Just like the interior, the storage in the bathroom is also a vital part of the bathroom. Make storage for towels, makeup, toilet paper, medicine and other toiletries. The manageable things make the space look cleaner and easy to use. You don’t want to have to sway across a massive bathroom to get an extra roll of toilet paper so think of storing that near the toilet.

4. Make a Ventilation Space

The bathroom comprises a lot of moisture, especially after the bath. Also, there’re tons of plumbing in the bathroom, not to mention additional water from steam. To avoid the moisture problem, make sure that you put it in proper ventilation. Ventilation prevents humid air from getting trapped indoors so, an exhaust fan is a must keep your custom bathroom from getting mouldy.

5. Consider Spacing

There are several standard and regulated dimensions for customising the spacing of a bathroom. Some of these are for coding purposes and others are just for comfort. Thus, allow two feet of space between fixtures, like the shower, sink and toilet allow for movement.

6. Right Placement of Closet 

Most of the custom homes have a master walk in these days. However, ensuring its place in the bathroom is a big debate in architectural design. Walking through the closet or limit the closet space or limited closet space are the pros and cons that you should consider before the placement of the closet.

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