5 Tips On Choosing The Faucets

best kitchen faucets

Picking the best kitchen faucets for your home is quite complex because of its variety of styles, prices, materials and finishes that can be overwhelming. You’ll probably need your new faucet for a long time, so before buying a new faucet, you’ve to consider the following things. 

1. Reach and Height

Kitchen faucets come in a variety of shape and height but you have to choose the one that fits into your kitchen space would be an ideal one for you. If you have a large size cabinet over the sink, then you make sure that the height of the faucets doesn’t make the space look overcrowded. But if you’ve a small sink then you don’t need something that high to reach from all the corners.

2. Choose the Right Style

Choosing faucets can be expensive and time-consuming, so to save your money and time, you need to choose a style before buying a new faucet. Take some time and consider the style that you mix and match with your home design. 

If you’re renewing your kitchen with new faucets, then choose the style that you want to create instead of the style that you currently have.

3. Handles Use

Usually, faucets come with either single or double handles, and each one has different use and purposes. While single handle faucet give you excess only water flow and temperature whereas the double handles faucet provides hot and cold water.  Read More: 5 Best Shower Heads Styles To Suit Your Requirements

But one thing that you must consider for both types of handles are the length. It’s better to measure the distance between the faucet and the wall to know the full range of movement for the handles.

4. Number Sink Holes

Most of the sinks come with numbers of pre-drilled holes. Typically, there are two or three holes. If your new faucet has fewer pieces to fill those holes than your previous faucets, then you need to cover those holes but it could affect the design. 

Thus, before buying a new faucet, count the number of holes and their locations to ensure that your new faucet will look natural.

5. Functional Considerations

You can’t choose the right faucets for you home without considering the features. For kitchen faucets, you need consider couple of points like:

  • How often you cook and need strong water spray?
  • Do you need faucet for temporary work memory?

Keeping these tips in mind before buying a new faucet will ensure what style and features faucets suits your need.

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