5 Best Shower Heads Styles To Suit Your Requirements

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There is nothing more rejuvenating and relaxing than having a shower after a long hard day. If you want to add luxurious touch in your bathroom then replacing your shower head could do the trick for you. To select the best shower set or right shower head, you need to first understand its style so that you can choose the right one for your shower. Let’s look at 5 best shower head style that suit your requirements:

1. Rain Shower Head

With time, the demand of rain shower head is steadily growing the market. This shower head let you feel the joy of monsoons while bathing. It’s large diameter and light pressure give you a soothing and calm effect.

To experience the best result, fit your rain shower head with a extended shower handle so you can use it more flexibilily. This shower head will be very helpful for those who have pets, kids or elderly occupants at home

2. Shower Panel Head

The shower panel are especially design to pamper you. The installation of these shower head is more suitable when you’re going to renovate your bathroom or build it from scratch. Read More: Choosing The Best Style Wash Basin Designs

Its shower or spray fitted from the top so that you can have a body spa therapy with equated water stream from all sides. Compare to the rain shower, these showers spread the flow of the water cover a large area.

3. Single spray Shower Head

Single spray shower head are the most used shower in bathroom for the longest time. The design concentrate on the point of flow with a gentle pressure that make your bath more comfortable. These types of shower heads are budget friendly and available in small, medium sized bath space.

This shower head bath comes with health and wellness benefits from joint discomfort, stress, muscle tension etc.

4. Ceiling Mount Shower Head

A ceiling shower head is installed above the ceiling because its dispersed flow of water that cover a large area. It comes with various variants like shower handheld and wall-mounted showers. This luxurious shower head comes in all sizes and shapes that match your design but it’s quite expensive so its plumbing has to be done accordingly.

5. Sliding Bar Shower Head

A sliding bar shower head shower takes your shower experience to the next level due to its adjustable height property. These shower heads can be easily adjusted and equally convenient for family members.

These showerheads also benefit those people who use a wheelchair because they can wheel under the spray of the water and shower head adjust to a height that makes the water conveniently reach their head and body.

Having a relaxing bath is always an excellent way to get rid of mental and physical stress. If you’re confuse which shower head suits you and your bathroom design then the best way is to consider the bath space and shower height. After considering these points, go for the types of heads that fit to your requirements.

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